Thursday, July 17, 2008

Memorable Terms and Condition

How can we forget the terms and conditions we brought in pictures for Taurange People who were planning to come to auckland in our absence. It was a major incident during our internship in NZ. So following were terms and conditions which were never implemented,

Terms & Condition for stay @ JANNAT
1. For spending a night at JANNAT tauranga janta has to pay $25 per person per night.
2. You can use the food items & other facilities provided in apartment free of cost.
3. Taruanga janta can stay free at JANNAT if more than 50% apartment owners are residing with them. This offer is open for two visits of Auckland and for further trips tourist or guest will be liable to $25 pp per night charge.
4. Use of Swimming Pool & spa is free
5. Full furnished Flat
6. Please pay 50% in advance to A/C 12-3204-0660058-00, ASB Bank.

Have a pleasant stay!!!


1. Abhimanyu Kothari
2. Abhinav Bhardwaj
3. Gaurav Talwar
4. Prabhjot Sodhi
5. Prateek Agarwal

6. Abhey Kumar

Thursday, July 10, 2008

Legend of Legends

Do you know hardest MATERIAL than diamond?

Can you think of meeting BROTHER of all brothers?

Do you know about SOURCE of all energy in this world?

You will find the coherence of sentences in blog if i inform you that i am talking about Aggu Bhai. Here is a short biography of legend,

It was one of the day of 1987 when summer, winter, spring all came together to welcome the kid of universe (no exaggeration). Everyone on this earth heard the voice of God Saying,

"There are Heroes, There are Superheroes, There is Hancock and now there is AGGU."

(God died after that)

His parents never took care of him because he was always busy in caring his mummy and daddy. His daddy had no power to speak a single word to him even in anger as all words were originated from the mouth of legend.

Days passed on, and after seven days of his birth, he started playing with children instead of toys. He used to play cricket with them using their head as ball and exploding them with a shot. After playing he used to fix the bodies of his balls, by placing each and every missed heads, hands, ears, eyeballs, liver, neck, teeth and other body parts at their proper place.

Months passed on, he was growing very fast. Whether you believe me or not his muscles size was equivalent to left leg of strongest Elephant, i have ever seen on Discovery. I was told by his surviving friends that they used to enjoy the echo of their voices in long tunnel which later found as legend's ear. His brain thinks much faster than speed of light. During a mishap, government was thinking about the victims, hazards and all but he was thinking about the government. About his brain, it is a well-known fact that as soon as he learnt the writing skills in Harvard University, he cracked all the fighter exams like IAS, CAT, JEE.

Years passed on, Spaceship starts coming from universe to pay him tax. It is said that if someone want to go from toilet to bedroom of Aggu Bhai, he/she has to purchase a metro ticket. I have never seen his face because whenever I try to look up to see his face I can only see his legs which mingle with sky.

If I try to summarize the biography of aggu bhai may be life of my grand children will be consumed to complete the task of their grandfather.

In the end i think this universe will end one day when aggu bhai will feel hungry and eat it as a sweet dish.

Special Thanks to:
Pratik Aggarwal (Aggu Bhai)

Tuesday, July 1, 2008

Clearing the clouds of Devastation

New post new responsibilities.
This is applicable to blogs too!!!

Just saw the face of kothari and his negative attitude towards common blog instigated me somehow for writing another blog. This blog is a savior effort to mend the devastating "Jannat ki Awaaz". I am trying to clear the clouds of devastation of "Jannat ki Awaaz" by my two soft palms. I think it will encourage blog ownder and blog readers to write and comment respectively. You cannot think of writing continously 5 blogs with negligible amount of comments in appreciation. But few things are meant more than appreciation.

We just came from SkiCity Cinema in Auckland. We purchased three tickets at rate of $10 each. They were cheaper not only for three of us but for everyone in SkiCity due to tuesday effect. Further, Don't make any wild guessing in finding out the other two chaps, they were swati and talwar. It was really nice to spend time with them for "Thoda Pyar Thoda Magic". Watching a hindi movie in abroad seems to be more effective in terms of sarcasm regarding foreign matter. I think few major and minor shots of movie were dipped in the glue which makes them to stick with the inner walls of my mind. As an aftereffect of movie, me & talwar travelled the longest distance in auckland in peace without doing bakchodi. I am still in dilemma regarding my state whether it is an aftereffect of movie or a permanent transition which incurred into my behaviour due to my recent experiences.

Whatever it is! It is a new feel to me in a new western country. The small fundas given in movie to small kids seems appreciable to me and personally i realised that all the moral fundas that we feed to our children with spoon should be implemented in our real life too so that spiritual satisfaction can be attained.

In end for reducing the level of sentiappa from this blog I want to say a truth that The kothari is screwed because he is posting the posts of Jannat on his blog, he is fishy and selfish in building his own blog... Sorry Kothari but Truth tastes sweet sometimes only!!! 11

Wednesday, June 25, 2008

Intra Jannat Events

"No post from last seven days does not mean that there is nothing happening in Jannat. But it point arrow towards the fact that Jannat people are so busy that they are not getting time to write some stuff on their blog."

Before Reading this one:

  • Please read previous blog Five Warriors of Jannat.
  • This blog is meant for those who know us personally.
  • We all in process of transformation, so plz press ur mind nerves hard to recognize us!

Actually, this week our mummy has faced uncountable number of impetuous climaxes of family Drama whose scripts were written by me and involves a lot of characters. Famous hoax with sudden shocks which are impertinent for few residents are,
A) Kothari missed lunch for genuine reason and we tried to convince him as culprit who is reducing our bond strength by missing such lunches.
B) Janta waiting for me & talwar when we went to food town (3 km away) instead of shop downstairs for a small $10 shopping.
C) Planner has been tricked by satans (me & abhey) when he was arranging rent for this week.
D) Bhaigiri turned the Drinker's room into a Boxing Ring.

All of these incidents deserve seperate blog. So. it's better to restrict myself upto stating the headlines. In short, All of our legends are performing off-track this week which is a natural consequence of above mentioned four events which happened within four consecutive days. For instance,
1. Noone is loving his daughter beyond the limit of affection and his mouth is chocked by the cork of incident.
2. Calendar is regaining its planning power because our planner is in state of trauma.
3. Blood Lover loves to play bluff instead of writing essays and metallurgical work
4. Refund people have no more attraction towards funds as they are busy in gyms for longer hours and acting as Group Discussion leaders
5. Our obsessionate photographer now comes at 3 pm from office.

Now a days, Its cold in Auckland but temperature is high in Jannat due to Intra-Jannat events. Such a change in the personality of Jannat Lovers pertaining to mood off cannot sustain too long. Its been 3 days and 3 more days are required to come out of such haze of slumber which is capturing the control of minds of all of us.

Wish us all the best!!!

Thursday, June 19, 2008

Aroma of Sleep v/s 30th Second

Outlook Express seems to be a flawless platform for chatting during office hours if one's company has blocked google talk. I was scribbling... might be some formulaes of Quadratic Equation on a teared piece of paper from my notebook. In the mean time, i was replying to the messages that i recieved from my co-interns of BECA. Bed & Bedding is a perfect combo which i required according to the demand of time. I was enjoying my mood by putting my palms over my cheek and hypovigiliantly looking at the Inbox tab of my computer screen which could indicate a signal for some new mail in my mailbox.
I was feeling the aroma of sleep for which i could kick the briefcase of million... billion... but not trillion dollars. At that time, softness of my palm was competeting with my cheek's smoothness & my sleepy eyes trying to focus on Inbox for some mails. But i was not so fortunate because before i found a mail from my friend, the white color phone which was relaxing silently start shouting "Tring Tring... Tring Tring". I was searching for some mute button on telephone but i ended up in fouding some 10 digits, '*' & '#' and 'Redial' button. So i picked it up. Suddenly the aroma of lovely sleep was gone. I lost my million & billion of dollars. And when i heard the voice at other end, I could not believe it. Here i was spending such an extraoridnory and wonderful time with bites of lazyness and there he called me for such stupid reason. I am not intrested in telling you my reply. The speakers voice seems to me so horrible as it had taken the best part of my life that i was spending. Friends, if you try to guess your guess will be correct. Yes, My best man in auckland. After the call ended, i reckoned from our conversation that he called me because he couldn't sit silent for more than 30 minutes and it was the 30th minute of such condition. In short the lovely aroma of sleep become a hunt of 30th second of a restless mouth.

Monday, June 16, 2008

Marathon Runners

Aaah! Eight thirty to five in office… oh gosh please bypass coming five days… It’s Monday morning. Same cubical, same boss, same cabins and same people all seems to be a varicose vein in my peaceful life which tries to shriek into the silence of weekend. I am an internee not an employee. I want to practice my engineering skills like a student not like an athlete of greedy marathon who is preparing himself before the patting of gunshot. I want to enjoy the life... so go hell with intern!!!

It’s no one among us and not our company but this could be one of us & could happen to his company if he is not a Beca Boy. My experience speaks only one sentance that being a Beca Boy is really a fun...

Mummy don’t wake us in morning with glass full of milk which we struggle but with the shouts coming out of the opened mouth of our yawning daddy Mr. Kothari, “Get up boys… Its 8:10 and bhardwaj your buddy is waiting for you at 8:30”. Same reply from me in a new act & stupid excuses which indicates that it makes full sense if I wake at 8:20. At the same time two toilets get occupied by Kothari and bed partner Talwar. Some supreme powers help me out to leave my bed by 8:25 am and luckily Talwar takes 15 minutes maximum to do his daily basic cleaning. I don’t know how but daily hypovigilantly I leave at 8:30 with a warning to sodhi ‘Yaar sodhi 8:30 ho gaye… main jaa rha hun… uth ja yaar…’. I feel myself as Sir Edmund Hillary who climbs first at Mt. Beca but to my surprise at the peak of this mountain my smiling buddy is always waiting for me. I remain unaware about the happening of JANNAT. But I know the reporting time of Kothari, Talwar, Sodhi and Rancho which reamin in same chronological order but at different point of time. Eventually all of us reach to office by 9:45 am. This is how our day starts during working day when we are supposed to come to office before 8:30.

We enjoy liberty of arrival and follow the same while departing back. I have chiseled the boundary of departure at 5:00 pm but Talwar is too eager to break it by leaving office about 4:15. Eventually we all are back by 5:45 but exceptionally , sodhi works in office till 6:30pm. We know the only fact that he is too fascinated by the males of NZ but we are still searching for some other reason if it exists.

Our Lunch timing is 12 to 1 pm which is very flexible and we generally extend it to 1:30 pm and occasionally to 2pm. No matter that these occasions come very often. Oh! My god this lunch remind me of the morning tea at 10 am which takes 30 minutes of our office hours & evening fruits which have an unavoidable right of 30 minutes over our office hours. In short, we are supposed to work 8 hrs daily in office according to our timesheet which effectively comes out to be 4:30 hrs in practical.

Leave this Food world of Liberty and Flexibility, and focus on the weekends because we don’t have any problem in spending our time in office while eating and chanting. Five weeks have been passed out of 12 weeks of our intern and we haven’t found any downfall in our journey. Every weekend bring a bigger package of fun than the previous one. Step by step progress of our weekends is as follows:
First week -> Rangitoto Island
Second week ->Taupo & Rotorua
Third week -> South Island
Fourth week -> Waiheke Island
Fifth week -> Waitomo Caves & Australia

We all know that these 12 weeks will not come back to our life when our soul is neither greedy nor selfish. In future, we all will work independently for our future. Intentionally or unintentionally we all have to join the marathon with greed runners where money will writhes ours unselfish soul. Most of us afraid to be a part of the marathon whose winners can never be decided. So, we are ignoring such selfish future and enjoying the recent time at its full flaws while waiting for pat of gun which is at least 12 months away from all of ours childish soul!!

Saturday, June 7, 2008

Five Warriors of our Army



Indian Institute of technology believes that there are only 4 dimensions which have been discovered by our great scientist but to a surprise our bunch of 5 people works independently in five dimensions.

Nothing is common among us but an invisible bond compels us to get hung from the same string. We all use to abuse each other, blame each other but help with our full strength in time of need. Politician will feel inferior if they see us changing the group for making the fun of any of the selected target.

Our group has a vast variety of people having different addictions which are BLUFF addiction, CLUB addiction, DARU addiction, CASINO addiction, and BLOOD addiction. Hey, we are worst that the worst and best than best you have ever heard. Let me emphasize the five warrior of our army:
1. BLUFF addict is a sharp sword who believes in ‘me, my camera, background & click without saying cheese’. Seriously his family is a great obstruction in his bungy jump.
2. CLUB addict is honey singh who doesn’t believe in ‘Three, Two, One, Bungy’ but works under pressure of ‘no refund’.
3. DARU addict is magically infatuated who loves to remain hypnotized under the magic of wine & beer. Anyway, it’s a different issue, actually calendar plans according to his plans.
4. CASINO addict is an ethic lover who is an unmarried guy but loves his/other’s daughters more than the limit of affection.
5. BLOOD addict is a kind of studious one who can be treated as second God as he can cast people of earth by melting-cooling of sodhi, talwar & bhardwaj. His dumbbell’s counter weights are talwar & sodhi which he uses for his morning exercise.

In short, we all are habitat of different planet who are part of same solar system known as THE JANNAT. Being true, We don’t want to live in JANNAT because after all we need PLANNED outing to do BUNGY so that sexy GIRLS can be seen & we get a chance to take our PICS in which we miss our DAUGHTER. Confused.... We are too!!!