Thursday, July 17, 2008

Memorable Terms and Condition

How can we forget the terms and conditions we brought in pictures for Taurange People who were planning to come to auckland in our absence. It was a major incident during our internship in NZ. So following were terms and conditions which were never implemented,

Terms & Condition for stay @ JANNAT
1. For spending a night at JANNAT tauranga janta has to pay $25 per person per night.
2. You can use the food items & other facilities provided in apartment free of cost.
3. Taruanga janta can stay free at JANNAT if more than 50% apartment owners are residing with them. This offer is open for two visits of Auckland and for further trips tourist or guest will be liable to $25 pp per night charge.
4. Use of Swimming Pool & spa is free
5. Full furnished Flat
6. Please pay 50% in advance to A/C 12-3204-0660058-00, ASB Bank.

Have a pleasant stay!!!


1. Abhimanyu Kothari
2. Abhinav Bhardwaj
3. Gaurav Talwar
4. Prabhjot Sodhi
5. Prateek Agarwal

6. Abhey Kumar


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