Thursday, July 10, 2008

Legend of Legends

Do you know hardest MATERIAL than diamond?

Can you think of meeting BROTHER of all brothers?

Do you know about SOURCE of all energy in this world?

You will find the coherence of sentences in blog if i inform you that i am talking about Aggu Bhai. Here is a short biography of legend,

It was one of the day of 1987 when summer, winter, spring all came together to welcome the kid of universe (no exaggeration). Everyone on this earth heard the voice of God Saying,

"There are Heroes, There are Superheroes, There is Hancock and now there is AGGU."

(God died after that)

His parents never took care of him because he was always busy in caring his mummy and daddy. His daddy had no power to speak a single word to him even in anger as all words were originated from the mouth of legend.

Days passed on, and after seven days of his birth, he started playing with children instead of toys. He used to play cricket with them using their head as ball and exploding them with a shot. After playing he used to fix the bodies of his balls, by placing each and every missed heads, hands, ears, eyeballs, liver, neck, teeth and other body parts at their proper place.

Months passed on, he was growing very fast. Whether you believe me or not his muscles size was equivalent to left leg of strongest Elephant, i have ever seen on Discovery. I was told by his surviving friends that they used to enjoy the echo of their voices in long tunnel which later found as legend's ear. His brain thinks much faster than speed of light. During a mishap, government was thinking about the victims, hazards and all but he was thinking about the government. About his brain, it is a well-known fact that as soon as he learnt the writing skills in Harvard University, he cracked all the fighter exams like IAS, CAT, JEE.

Years passed on, Spaceship starts coming from universe to pay him tax. It is said that if someone want to go from toilet to bedroom of Aggu Bhai, he/she has to purchase a metro ticket. I have never seen his face because whenever I try to look up to see his face I can only see his legs which mingle with sky.

If I try to summarize the biography of aggu bhai may be life of my grand children will be consumed to complete the task of their grandfather.

In the end i think this universe will end one day when aggu bhai will feel hungry and eat it as a sweet dish.

Special Thanks to:
Pratik Aggarwal (Aggu Bhai)

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