Tuesday, July 1, 2008

Clearing the clouds of Devastation

New post new responsibilities.
This is applicable to blogs too!!!

Just saw the face of kothari and his negative attitude towards common blog instigated me somehow for writing another blog. This blog is a savior effort to mend the devastating "Jannat ki Awaaz". I am trying to clear the clouds of devastation of "Jannat ki Awaaz" by my two soft palms. I think it will encourage blog ownder and blog readers to write and comment respectively. You cannot think of writing continously 5 blogs with negligible amount of comments in appreciation. But few things are meant more than appreciation.

We just came from SkiCity Cinema in Auckland. We purchased three tickets at rate of $10 each. They were cheaper not only for three of us but for everyone in SkiCity due to tuesday effect. Further, Don't make any wild guessing in finding out the other two chaps, they were swati and talwar. It was really nice to spend time with them for "Thoda Pyar Thoda Magic". Watching a hindi movie in abroad seems to be more effective in terms of sarcasm regarding foreign matter. I think few major and minor shots of movie were dipped in the glue which makes them to stick with the inner walls of my mind. As an aftereffect of movie, me & talwar travelled the longest distance in auckland in peace without doing bakchodi. I am still in dilemma regarding my state whether it is an aftereffect of movie or a permanent transition which incurred into my behaviour due to my recent experiences.

Whatever it is! It is a new feel to me in a new western country. The small fundas given in movie to small kids seems appreciable to me and personally i realised that all the moral fundas that we feed to our children with spoon should be implemented in our real life too so that spiritual satisfaction can be attained.

In end for reducing the level of sentiappa from this blog I want to say a truth that The kothari is screwed because he is posting the posts of Jannat on his blog, he is fishy and selfish in building his own blog... Sorry Kothari but Truth tastes sweet sometimes only!!! 11


Abhimanyu said...

@italics stuff

lol ... pt noted

yaar but except the 2 of us - i dont think any1 else even opens the blog - so its demoralising

@movie stuff

I am still wondering whats amiss since the last few days - haven't figured out yet : help would be appreciated

ILL[EAGLE] said...

your questions answer lies in italics that some thing are meant for more than appreciation

@movie stuff
i think my small mind is transforming now

ILL[EAGLE] said...

main talwar ke comment ka wait kar rha hun!!!

Quanda said...

You write very well.

Anonymous said...

Your blog keeps getting better and better! Your older articles are not as good as newer ones you have a lot more creativity and originality now keep it up!

Philosopher said...

Nice One.

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