Wednesday, June 25, 2008

Intra Jannat Events

"No post from last seven days does not mean that there is nothing happening in Jannat. But it point arrow towards the fact that Jannat people are so busy that they are not getting time to write some stuff on their blog."

Before Reading this one:

  • Please read previous blog Five Warriors of Jannat.
  • This blog is meant for those who know us personally.
  • We all in process of transformation, so plz press ur mind nerves hard to recognize us!

Actually, this week our mummy has faced uncountable number of impetuous climaxes of family Drama whose scripts were written by me and involves a lot of characters. Famous hoax with sudden shocks which are impertinent for few residents are,
A) Kothari missed lunch for genuine reason and we tried to convince him as culprit who is reducing our bond strength by missing such lunches.
B) Janta waiting for me & talwar when we went to food town (3 km away) instead of shop downstairs for a small $10 shopping.
C) Planner has been tricked by satans (me & abhey) when he was arranging rent for this week.
D) Bhaigiri turned the Drinker's room into a Boxing Ring.

All of these incidents deserve seperate blog. So. it's better to restrict myself upto stating the headlines. In short, All of our legends are performing off-track this week which is a natural consequence of above mentioned four events which happened within four consecutive days. For instance,
1. Noone is loving his daughter beyond the limit of affection and his mouth is chocked by the cork of incident.
2. Calendar is regaining its planning power because our planner is in state of trauma.
3. Blood Lover loves to play bluff instead of writing essays and metallurgical work
4. Refund people have no more attraction towards funds as they are busy in gyms for longer hours and acting as Group Discussion leaders
5. Our obsessionate photographer now comes at 3 pm from office.

Now a days, Its cold in Auckland but temperature is high in Jannat due to Intra-Jannat events. Such a change in the personality of Jannat Lovers pertaining to mood off cannot sustain too long. Its been 3 days and 3 more days are required to come out of such haze of slumber which is capturing the control of minds of all of us.

Wish us all the best!!!