Saturday, June 7, 2008

Saturday Night @ Auckland

Poora saturday nikalne hi wala tha when Mr. Gaurav Talwar put his foot down ...

Mr. Talwar declares that he cannot sit in such confined for such a long time ..

So Abhinav, Mr. Talwar myself and Mr. Sodhi set out for a Saturday night adventure ... Mr. Sodhi grudgingly returned just outside the apartment .. saying he wants to have time with himself ...

That being a different issue that Bhagat Singh aka Mr. Sodhi had interesting stains on his T Shirt.

Our first destination was YMCA to inform Ms. Swati Agarwal about are plans for Waheike Island .. again a different issue.


So we headed to the Sky City tower ..went to the 2 cent machine at the Casino ..Mr. Bhardwaj lost 3$.

He's still hoping that Lady Luck .. oh Sorry he's not the ladies man .. yeah
So he's hoping that Bhagwan will bestow him with wealth someday.

Next destination was the Atrium cafe .. where we saw an interesting couple ... Mr. Talwar called the guy a Ladies Man. This was followed by a visit to the disc there .. which was rocking .. specially that hot chick in black .. omg ... aaaaaaaahhhhhhhhhhh


I'll leave it to Mr. Talwar or Mr. Bhardwaj to continue .. as the hot black chick now needs to sleep with me .. in my dreams

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ILL[EAGLE] said...

yeah! m still waiting for LADY(luck)