Thursday, June 19, 2008

Aroma of Sleep v/s 30th Second

Outlook Express seems to be a flawless platform for chatting during office hours if one's company has blocked google talk. I was scribbling... might be some formulaes of Quadratic Equation on a teared piece of paper from my notebook. In the mean time, i was replying to the messages that i recieved from my co-interns of BECA. Bed & Bedding is a perfect combo which i required according to the demand of time. I was enjoying my mood by putting my palms over my cheek and hypovigiliantly looking at the Inbox tab of my computer screen which could indicate a signal for some new mail in my mailbox.
I was feeling the aroma of sleep for which i could kick the briefcase of million... billion... but not trillion dollars. At that time, softness of my palm was competeting with my cheek's smoothness & my sleepy eyes trying to focus on Inbox for some mails. But i was not so fortunate because before i found a mail from my friend, the white color phone which was relaxing silently start shouting "Tring Tring... Tring Tring". I was searching for some mute button on telephone but i ended up in fouding some 10 digits, '*' & '#' and 'Redial' button. So i picked it up. Suddenly the aroma of lovely sleep was gone. I lost my million & billion of dollars. And when i heard the voice at other end, I could not believe it. Here i was spending such an extraoridnory and wonderful time with bites of lazyness and there he called me for such stupid reason. I am not intrested in telling you my reply. The speakers voice seems to me so horrible as it had taken the best part of my life that i was spending. Friends, if you try to guess your guess will be correct. Yes, My best man in auckland. After the call ended, i reckoned from our conversation that he called me because he couldn't sit silent for more than 30 minutes and it was the 30th minute of such condition. In short the lovely aroma of sleep become a hunt of 30th second of a restless mouth.


Amit said...

kya ho gaya hai be tujhe..phod raha me yehi sab karta hai kya tu?

ILL[EAGLE] said...

thnx yaar..tu bho to office mein yehi karta rehta hai.. bhai!

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